Grew up swimming...

I grew up swimming competitively from age 6-18. I was programmed at a young age to work out my body. All of my close friends swam and I got used to training each day. When I went to NYC at 18, I no longer had a coach telling me what to do, so I had to find ways to work out that I looked forward to. I joined a gym and quickly learned how to use the aerobic and weight machines. I also learned that I liked to set personal goals since I was now training alone. I found that if I signed up for running races, then I would tend to go to the gym more often to get prepared. What motivates you? If you didn't grow up with exercise, how can you fit it into your life now?

Eating well was another thing for me to learn. Growing up swimming 5 1/2 hours a day, I didn’t worry about calories. I would eat a slice of cheesecake the moment I got home from swim practice BEFORE dinner. When I went to NYC to model, I realized that I couldn’t eat the same things that I did while swimming. I had to learn new eating habits. I starved, ate macrobiotic, tried weird diets and proven diets and suffered the whole time with each one. I was miserable. 

Time, along with trial and error, taught me what my body likes and needs and foods to absolutely avoid. If you know me, you know I am adamant about certain foods and will not touch them no matter what people say. I know certain foods don’t help me and can harm me. I am not willing to let myself have one minute of joy while I eat something bad for me and then have days or weeks to pay for it afterward. I make up my mind beforehand to stay strong and not cheat. Why? I have learned that some things are just not worth that small amount of pleasure. I look toward healthy long term effects.

Some tricks I learned are to make up my mind beforehand to eat foods good for me.  Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store for fresh ingredients. Substitute in recipes healthier ingredients and foods that are more beneficial. You can find out how I do this in my ebook, CHEAT EAT on Amazon. Make a conscious effort to add more vegetables into your meals even if you have to cut them up and hide them in a sauce. I did that to my kids a lot! Make an effort to get out and move your body. Find a friend to stay active with or go out for a solitary walk with the dog; just get moving! After reading this article, make a conscious decision to start new patterns and ways of thinking for a healthier life. Don’t live in the now, look to a long, healthy future!