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Kim Alexis headshotKim Alexis is part of an elite team of models who rose to the “supermodel” status in the 1980’s. Kim’s career started when she was discovered at 17 in a Buffalo agency. She moved to New York City and found a remarkably positive response from the fashion and beauty industries. Although she did runway and fashion, she became known for beauty. Kim could be seen repeatedly on magazine covers and had over 500 worldwide including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and set the cover record for Glamour. In 1983 she replaced Lauren Hutton as the face of Revlon’s Ultima II line to then become one of the most recognizable faces in America.

She rounded out her supermodel status by being in the coveted Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for 6 years, which made perfect sense, since Kim is the picture of the healthy woman and grew up swimming in Lockport.

Kim transitioned into broadcasting by becoming the fashion editor for Good Morning America. She then went on to host TV shows such as “Your Mind and Body”, “Healthy Kids” and “Ticket to Adventure”. Her most recent hosting was for the show “Food Quest” on Food Network and “She’s Got the Look” on TV Land.

She also appeared in the film “Holy Man”, alongside Eddie Murphy. Kim also had the amazing guest spot in the last episode of the memorable sitcom “Cheers”, entitled “One for the Road”. Most recently she was one of the models featured in HBO’s documentary “About Face”, which draws a parallel conversation with supermodels of many different generations about what made them relevant and what has changed since then.

After her modeling career, using what she learned from the business, she also penned books. These include the nonfiction book “A Model for a Better Future” and a fictional book, “Beauty to Die For”. She has written 5 eBooks: “Modeling: How to be Discovered”, “Lean Clean”, “Cheat Eat”, “My Healthy Thyroid” and “Dieting Lessons” which can be found on Amazon.

Known for her background in sports and her continuous healthy life style, Kim has run in 8 marathons and was a spokesperson for the New York City Marathon and the More magazine half marathon. She has been associated with the promotion of several health products, supplements and causes.

Kim never let herself be misled by other people’s influences and remained true to her upbringing and beliefs. An outspoken conservative, Alexis was one of the very few models of her time who refused to pose for nude pictures and always remained an activist for a healthy and spiritually connected way of living. She raised 3 sons and continues to work towards her goal in life, which is to encourage other women to be their best in all areas of life.

Mission: To inspire healthy living around the world. To empower women to believe that true beauty and health come from within.