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Kim has always been competetive but the role of fitness in her life has broadened from a mere desire to participate, to a passion for making fitness practical, accessible, healthy and fun for others. She loves to encourage others to have as much fun as she does with sports.


Fashion Editor of Good Morning America, Your Mind and Body, Healthy Kids, Ticket to Adventure, and recently She's Got the Look on TV Land.

A Model For A Better Future
Kim was asked to write a book about her experiences as a model. Her book takes the reader through Kim's discovery and young choices as a model in New York City.
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Beauty to Die For

Beauty to Die For
by Kim Alexis and Mindy Starns Clark

A former supermodel who now markets beauty products at spiritual spa retreats becomes the prime suspect when an old archrival is poisoned by something in a chai soy wrap.

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Kim naturally loves to promote products that she believes in. Since she has such vast interest, she can promote products from beauty to the medical industry. Over the years she has had numerous training in commercials, speaking and satellite media tours.
Expectations in the modeling industry are frequently unrealistic and can spawn unhealthy and damaging dietary practices. Also fitness regimens, when taken to extremes, can cause long-term problems. Because Kim has certainly witnessed these realities during the course of her career, and because she herself suffers from hypothyroidism, she's especially concerned about women's health issues.

As a part of her personal and professional mission, she addresses these issues whenever possible in speaking engagements. She even spoke at the National Republican Convention in San Diego on moral issues.
Over the 30 plus years Kim has been in the public eye, she has been in the media being interviewed on a vast array of subjects and products. She has also been the one interviewing others as host of numerous TV shows. She was fashion editor of Good Morning America for 3 years.
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