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Food Poisoning

Have you ever suffered from food poisoning? I just had it and can’t blame a restaurant. I did it to myself! I left ground turkey out to defrost too long on my counter and decided I wasn’t hungry for that, so I actually put it back in the fridge and took it out the next day to cook on the stove.. I added a ton of garlic and mushrooms but after cooking it, I left it there, went to work out and came home to eat it on top of a salad for my dinner. Luckily, my husband had soup instead or we both would have been in trouble. My body started to let me know it was going to reject dinner about 7 hours later. We won’t go into details.

Regaining your health after a bout with food poisoning can be difficult and often times people are left feeling weak and unable to complete their normal daily activities. Sometimes keeping water down is a big feat but necessary to start back on the road to recovery. I didn’t and couldn’t eat the whole next day. I still felt bad 2 days after with a headache and my stomach was still off. I decided to go into my infrared sauna as I had a podcast interview that afternoon that couldn’t be rescheduled. I sweat out the last of the toxins while adding plenty of good water back into y body. I really recommend getting an infrared for so many more reasons than this!

What is necessary for speeding up the recovery time so you can get back to being yourself again as soon as possible? My stomach couldn’t take too much. I know oil of oregano, or the grapefruit seed extract in water would have been good to kill

any lingering bacteria but I didn’t want to worry about what that would feel like in my stomach. I mainly concentrated on making sure I wasn’t dehydrated which makes you feel weaker. So, I used electrolytes. Pedialyte and Gatorade are probably fine also but I wanted to use something with no added sugar.

I am still on the road to recovery. I have been taking the food easy, happy to eat 2 bananas a day and finally homemade chicken broth and pasta. What have your experiences been like? How did you get back your health?