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Elderberry has been around for centuries and is known as one of the top antiviral herbs on our planet. It is native to Europe, Africa and parts of Asia. Elderberry fruit contains quercetin (Which is anti carcinogenic, anti inflammatory and anti viral), rutin (also known as vitamin P) as well as flavonoids which can help prevent cell damage. The berries and flowers of the plant are used for health benefits.

It is a powerful immune boosting supplement. The berries of the elderberry plant contain anthocyanin, which plays a big role in immunity.  Studies have been done showing that elderberry can help shorten a cold and is beneficial for flu symptoms also. Since elderberry is also an anti inflammatory, it is helpful to reduce sinus infection symptoms.

Both the berry and the flower of the elderberry have been used to treat diabetes. Research shows that the flower stimulates glucose metabolism and the secretion of insulin which may lower blood sugar levels.

It has also been used to help prevent fluid retention by acting as a diuretic, naturally, and may help with constipation also.

Moving to the skin, elderberry is starting to be used in cosmetics because of its anti inflammatory properties and antioxidants as well as vitamin A.

There are still studies being done on elderberry to improve heart health and fighting cancer.

There are different ways to add elderberry to your diet. My grandmother used to make elderberry wine. I was too young to appreciate her efforts but it still exists today and is one way to add it. There are also gummies, juice, tea and syrup. It can also be taken as a capsule in supplements or you can find it added to other compounds. I bought a immune boosting supplement of gummies with elderberry and leave it on my counter. I find that my husband and I will eat one as we pass by to keep our immune systems strong this winter.

As with all new ideas, run them by your doctor or health care provider first as I am not a doctor and make no clams to cure any disease.