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How to Choose the Best Candle (Wax, Wick, and Fragrance)

Candles are a wonderful way to add ambiance and atmosphere to any room. But did you know that some candles can actually be harmful to your health? That’s right—certain candles, when burned, can release unhealthy toxins into the air. Keep reading as I am going to show you how to choose the best candle by reading the ingredients and watching out for what wax,wick and fragrance they use.

The type of wax used in a candle can have a big impact on its safety. The most common types of wax used in candles are paraffin wax, beeswax, and soy wax. Of these, beeswax and soy wax are generally considered the safest options. Paraffin wax, on the other hand, is a petroleum-based product that can release harmful toxins into the air when burned. If you’re looking for a safe candle, make sure it’s made with beeswax or soy wax. I even found one type of candle using CBD in the wax.

The wick is another important factor to consider when choosing a candle, that most people dont think about. The wick should be made of natural materials like cotton or linen—not synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. synthetic wicks can release harmful chemicals into the air as they burn. Some wicks have metal in them which I try to avoid. Some new candles even have a wooden work which not only looks cool, if giving a candle as a present, but is all healthier than synthetic wicks.

Many candles also contain fragrance, which is why we burn some candles! We love that scent in our homes as it brings back memories but at what cost to your health. Many scented candles use synthetic fragrance which is not as good for you as essential oils. Learn that some fragrances are safer than others. Synthetic fragrances can contain harmful chemicals like phthalates. If you’re concerned about safety, look for candles made with natural fragrances like essential oils.

Candles are a great way to add atmosphere to any room in your home—but only if they’re safe! To choose the best candle, make sure you check the ingredients list for beeswax or soy wax, natural wicks, and essential oil fragrances. If a candle is “healthy” it will have claims at the bottom of the candle telling you what is NOT in the ingredients..With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your candles worry-free or give a healthy gift to a friend!