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Infared Sauna Benefits

We all know what a sauna is. We will refer to them as traditional saunas. What makes the infrared sauna different is how the heat is used. In the traditional sauna, the air is heated up and you sweat due to the environment. With an infrared sauna, you sweat from the rays penetrating your body 1.5-2 inches deep to raise your core body temperature. Infared rays are absorbed quicker by the skin than by the air. In inferred saunas only 20% of the heat is in the air, the rest is used to heat the body. The heat produced in the skin dilates the blood vessels increasing blood flow and circulates to all parts of the body.

There are many health benefit claims to an infrared sauna. First of all, the body shifts from sympathetic to parasympathetic and increases endorphins which makes us feel happier. but it also increases energy levels. So you feel relaxed and happy but also more energetic.

The infrared rays cause sweating, activating the sweat glands. The skin is a major organ and sweat glands have the ability to release many toxins. The infrared rays can penetrate the fat cells helping to stimulate your metabolism to aid in weight loss while just sitting in the sauna.

It is also beneficial for wound healing as there is more blood flow to the affected area while reducing inflammation, better sleep, relief from sore muscles, joint pain like arthritis and clear skin. I find it even stops my early morning coffee headache!

Infared saunas are best at temperatures of 100-140F (max) while traditional saunas can get up to 220F. So, it claims to use 1/3 less electricity than a traditional sauna.

Dont be scared by infared heat. Our bodies both emit and receive infrared heat. It is all around us and it is also essential for human life. Infared heaters warm the body the same way that the sun does. It is very safe.