Food Quest takes viewers on epicurean adventures like no others. Co-hosts Mario Lopez and Kim Alexis guide each show around the globe, finding the most delicious delights and unique wines and spirits the culinary world has to offer.  From Chicago pizza to Shojin cuisine in Tokyo - from the oldest spirits purveyor in London to the newest spin on vodka from San Francisco - from the vineyards of California to sustainable swordfish in Florida - from the Champagne region of France to rosé at Manhattan rooftop bars, Food Quest finds the best, most fascinating foods and drinks. Whether we’re at a far-flung location or in our Florida kitchen set, whipping up great recipes with our Food Quest chefs, if it’s fantastic and fun to eat and drink, Food Quest brings it home.

Food Quest is produced by WGST, INC.  Season 1 of Food Quest debuted in 2017 on The Food Network and Cooking Channel with 13 original episodes.