What Makes Women Feel Beautiful

What makes women feel beautiful? Is it praises from others? No, I don't think so. You can make a woman have a new look, different than what she is used to (out of her comfort zone) and you can tell her she is beautiful all night and she won't believe you! So what makes a woman feel beautiful?

Some of us feel more beautiful by "doing" things to ourselves. We feel we need to modify what we have by tweaking, plucking and enhancing ourselves. Some women do this daily. Some need to take hours getting ready each day because they feel they have to change themselves in order to fit in. Others don't really care how they look. They take a quick glance in the mirror, maybe brush their teeth and comb their hair, and go out into society without another thought to their looks for the day!

What makes us all so different? When do we realize that we need to start changing and modifying and revamping ourselves? The teenage years seem to be when girls finally start to notice their looks. I have seen beautiful natural blondes decide to change their hair black. Why? What makes them think they need to change their color? Most women spend lots of money trying to get that same purchased color in their hair every 6 weeks! I know I do! Other women accept their gray and still look amazing.

So, is it feedback from others, pressure from society or magazines that influence us? Probably all of the above. I remember when I was a teenage and swam 5 1/2 hours a day; morning and then after school. I didn't spend a lot of time on my looks. I was lucky to get my thick hair dry in time for school. I didn't worry about my looks and didn't really care. I was still discovered and sent to New York at 18. What changed? I still looked the same even though I didn't have my hair and make up done.

Once in New York, I started to feel pressure to look good. I watched and listened to the best in the business and learned from their different opinions. I learned that even though one make up artist would make me up to the best of their ability, another would make changes the very same day for another shoot and have a different opinion of what looked best on me. It made me realize I could look good many different ways. I felt comfortable trying new things and exploring.

So, while reading this article, did you stop and think that change can be a good thing? You may want to venture out and try something new and different. It may be just a change in lipstick color or something drastic like cutting your hair. Change something about your look and see if you not only you get your friends and family to comment on your beauty, but also feel better about yourself!