Prepare the Runway for Takeoff

Prepare the Runway for Takeoff!

I recently starting thinking about obstacles that were in my way for me to go to the next step in my career. I have been feeling stuck and frustrated; impatient for things to “happen”. I know that there is a process and I know that there is timing in all things. There is also preparation. We must prepare in order to be able to takeoff.

So how do we prepare? I started to think of an airstrip or runway that planes use for take off. There are no boulders, rocks or holes on an airstrip. The path is wide and clear. There are also no hills or valleys. The surface is flat. Who wants a plane to struggle up a hill in order to get enough speed? The pilot knows he needs to go straight and fast to get in the air. There are no people, animals or even other planes to get in the way during takeoff. A good airstrip WANTS the plane to take off without any problems and is designed to help the plane get enough speed to get up in the air as fast as possible. A larger plane holding more “cargo” needs a longer airstrip than a small plane does; more preparation. So, too does a big career need more runway length (or preparation) to takeoff with no obstacles.

I started to think then that planes could be compared to our bodies. Planes need to be in top working order. We don’t want to see rust, we don’t want bad fuel and especially no cracks on the wings that are used to hold the plane and all that it is carrying. Pilots and mechanics work hard to make sure that the plane itself is in perfect working order before it heads to the runway. We need our bodies in top working order filled with good fuel (food) and fit muscles to be able to stand the pressure of takeoff.

Communication is also needed because the pilots need to communicate with the ground or air traffic controllers. The pilots are TUNED IN to the right channel to talk to the ground controllers knowing that the right channel helps guide the pilots to where they are going. We too, need to have good communication. Friends and family and business partners that help us prepare our takeoff. We also need good traffic controllers to help guide us to where we need to go to. Pilots wouldn’t listen to a flight crew that speaks negative or bad advice in their ears steering them in the wrong direction when they are up in the air flying. What good does bad advice do anyone? 

So, for a final check, we need to make sure flight plans are filed, the plane checks out and that the runway is clear for takeoff. Are you ready to fly or do you need more time to prepare? Get your body in top working order and clear your runway, making sure you have enough room to takeoff. Then it will be time to fly!