My Trip to the Pound

My Trip to the Pound

“Wow, there are so many dogs”, was one of many thoughts going through my head as I walked through my first “dog pound” visit.

My husband and I had just been to the dog park with our two Briard females. They were still in the back of the car when my husband took a detour and didn’t head straight home. It was December and everyone was getting ready for Christmas. It was cold and I knew our dogs would be fine in the car as we pulled up to the Maricopa County animal shelter.

I knew never to set foot in a place like this as I have a huge heart and “out of sight; out of mind” was a better way for me to deal with helpless animals that just wanted a home.

As we opened the door, the smell of urine and the sound of barking dogs assailed me first. What were we doing here and “NO, darn it, I didn’t want another dog!”

There were four aisles filled with dogs on both sides. Rows and rows of dogs in all different conditions. Most were Pit Bulls in as many sizes, shapes and colors imaginable! Some were barking furiously, others were cowering miserably and still some were trying to get through the cage. 

My husband had worked with people on the Maricopa Co animals control years ago so he knew what to expect. He and I also have a pinky promise to each other never to bring home an animal without the others consent as we are both softies and can’t be trusted to make a decision alone about bring home extra animals. 

As we were walking down these aisles I kept saying to myself, “It’s okay. He cant get another dog unless I agree and we DON’T need another dog!” Then I see a dog that is not a Pit Bull, quiet with huge brown eyes that just wanted to be loved through the cage wire. He didn’t seem concerned with the other furiously barking animals. His only focus was to be petted. We looked at his information tag on his cage (#208) and saw that he had been picked up the day before and was on the 72 hour wait list for his owner to come claim him at the shelter. After the 72 hours, he could be released and adopted.

We left the shelter soon after that and I thought we were done. We had two dogs already and I didn’t see how I could add another one. For the next 2 days though, I couldn’t get him out of my head and I even named him. Since he was mostly Rottweiler with some German Shepherd mixed in with no tail, I named him Stump.

So after the 72 hour hold with no one coming to get him, back to the pound we went and brought him home. He had kennel cough and had to be fixed so he is still apart from the other two dogs. Hopefully they all learn to play together and he becomes the best dog imaginable.

I was impressed with the animal shelter and how they took care of the dogs. If you need a companion, head to your local animal shelter or the ‘pound” and find your Stump!