What is "Real Beauty"?

Have you ever noticed people who seem to carry a dark cloud over them? I have. They walk into a room and there is an immediate feeling of doom. I have also noticed that there are other people who seem to be happy no matter what the circumstance. These are the kinds of people I tend to gravitate to as I like to be around people who have a positive outlook.

Have you ever looked at the face of someone who are negative? It seems that the phrase “sour puss” was meant for them. They tend to have more worry lines on their face and wear a permanent scowl. Then there are people who carry that inner light in them of happiness and joy. The phrase “sunny smile” or “bright disposition” seems to fit them. Their skin seems to be glowing and healthy and even if there are wrinkles, they seem to be lines that speak of life and living well. They walk into a room and it seems to brighten with goodness and purpose.

Why am I talking about grumps and happy people in a beauty article???

I believe that our inner thoughts can affect our outer beauty. After all, beauty is not only about how you look in the physical. It is about how you make others feel. Experiencing beauty in others often involves perceiving them to be in balance and harmony with nature. When we view beauty or what we think is beautiful, we tend to feel a sense of well being. All is right with the world. Beauty is a characteristic of HOW something or someone makes you feel.

Ideal beauty is meant to be admired. We all have our ideas of what is beautiful; in art, nature and people. We have the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but there seems to be a standard through the centuries for what exactly is beautiful. One trait that stands the test of time is symmetry. Lacking flaws or the absence of genetic or acquired defects; which as far as viewing people goes includes well proportioned bodies and young, smooth skin. Some of us are way past young, smooth skin but are still beautiful.

From what I have found to be true, beauty not only consists of the outer features but also that inner personality and intelligence, grace and morality. Elegance in any situation life throws at you is also important in determining a form of beauty. People, who are elegant, graceful and morally balanced on the inside, generate a sense of beauty on the outside.

Beauty also presents a standard for comparison and can generate feelings of jealousy and inferiority. We spend millions of dollars in this country alone, trying to be more beautiful. Some of us forget our own beautiful traits while only focusing on other peoples unattainable traits. This leads to misery in my mind. Each one of us has a desire to “fit in” and being beautiful is one way to be popular.

Think of this the next time you wish you looked differently. Does beauty on the outside mean beautiful on the inside? Does beauty on the inside mean beautiful on the outside? You were given certain traits that are beautiful. You decide what is really important and lasting. My life is spent seeking both inner and outer beauty. How about you?