Moving back to New York City from a comfortable, peaceful life filled with friends but with no established job, has taught me one major thing...and many other things that aren't so minor either!

That I am either very dumb to just step out in faith, or I am very tuned into what God has next for me - making me strong and seemingly invincible! I have patiently waited on God....waited to get me the inner strength to do this stepping out of the nest. I have had years of waiting, while not being envious of others who were thriving when I was stalled out in Colorado.

I am very tuned in to opportunity. I have positioned myself, knowing that I am supposed to be here in the city. I also have learned not to have regrets. I am not looking back wondering, "Dear God, what have I done?" I downsized, I gave away, I let go and I moved forward. Am I stupid or am I ready for new things to fill me up?

I sit here in New York alone - I don't want to be alone but I need to be ready. I am fully tuned in to each and every opportunity that comes along even if it is something I have never done before. When I look back at all of the different skills I have accomplished because I said yes and was willing to step out in faith and say, "I have never done this before, but I am willing to learn!" I know that I was always taken care of. 

I started to model at 18. That was new to me and I was very green in fashion and beauty as I grew up a tomboy and athlete. Then I was asked to go on Good Morning America to be the fashion correspondent and when I said yes, they put me on LIVE the next morning.

When asked to speak, I had to learn a new skill set.

Now I am writing and you can ask my English teachers; it wasn't my strong suit.

So what makes me tick? What makes me move forward? It is an overwhelming passion deep with in me to keep going and not quit until I have been positioned to encourage women of all ages to be strong in whatever area they are battling. What makes me go on is the feedback I get after a speech, where someone comes up and says that they were going to kill themselves until I shared my story. I am willing to be vulnerable because I know I am taken care of and that I am strong in Him when I do things in His Will and in His timing.

I hope that this gives you the strength to wait for the right opportunity and do something new.