What a Trip!

I am going on a trip to Italy, traveling to 5 different cities, for 3 weeks and decided to take up a challenge… to only bring a backpack and purse! That means only taking the most necessary things with me. I am literally weighing every decision and let me tell you, I have been agonizing over what I cant live without and what I have to let stay behind! It is really challenging me as it is helping me define what I think I need to hang on to, to feel more secure! For instance, I am bringing only a bare minimum of make up and absolutely nothing to “do” my hair with! No curling iron and no straightener. (They are kinda heavy) So, I cut my hair to a shorter length knowing that it would be easier to take care of. I know I have my wigs if I need longer hair when I come home. I also let go of the mindset that I have to look a certain way to be beautiful. I  just want to have a good time over there and not feel pressure to look a certain way!

I stopped getting tips on my nails as I can’t think how to try and get a “fill” and how to describe gel verses acrylic in Italian! You know I can't make 3 weeks without a fill, so my nails are natural. Packing was challenging and I started with my piles 3 weeks before the trip. Which bras were the most comfortable and how many would do? Colored tee shirts that were too bright for Europe had to stay in the drawer. I had to find clothes that dried quickly and are light and a jacket could be used both during the day and for evening strolls. I am bringing 3 pairs of shoes…I found a pair of walking shoes that are semi waterproof but also light and comfortable, a pair of black light weight sneakers and a pair of evening flats.

It was interesting to take stock of what items I can’t live without and find others that were useful in more than one area. I have the basics like toothpaste, pain reliever and bandaids, but I wanted to take oils that were beneficial also. I have a small vial of oil for my face and hair (as I don't think they have conditioner as much over there). I also wanted to take an essential oil that was an antiseptic and had a variety of uses so I chose Tea Tree oil and lavender. The lavender also helps me to relax. 

So, this trip will be an adventure in more than one way. I am leaving behind things that make me happy or feel good about myself and venturing out with the bare minimum, while concentrating on new and wonderful sights and culture. I plan on enjoying things that are not in my comfort zone and trying new things for personal growth! What a trip!