Fun with Benefits!

I want to talk about fun. Having fun can encompass a lot of different activities…I know for many, when they think of fun, it has to do with being part of a social scene and partying… but I am here to suggest that you might think of new ways to have fun and also stay fit and healthy, which are your benefits!

I looked up the definition of “fun” and found many ways to describe it. An enjoyable activity. Entertainment, especially from an activity that is not important or serious. Pleasure, especially with leisurely is pleasant, personal, and to some extent unpredictable. These definitions still leave a lot of room for interpretation! For some people, fun is being active and moving…participating or watching sports, hobbies, being outside…for others it could mean a party scene, something illegal or many other unhealthy activities.

I think of staying in shape as fun! It is easy for me to have fun while working out. For some, staying fit and healthy requires a change in mindset.. What does that mean, do you ask? Well, fun for me is being outdoors and “doing” something physical… Hiking, biking, running or any outdoor sport… I think of those activities as being fun… and I look forward to doing them over and over. To me, that is having a healthy mindset.

If your idea of fun is to do something damaging to your health, then you might want to think of trying to change your mindset. Maybe you need to sit down and ask yourself some questions. What could you do that was healthy that you thought of as fun? Find something that will make you feel good about yourself, especially when you wake up the next morning!

Here are some suggestions for having some new fun! If you are more of a loner, try going on a nature walk to look at the beautiful outdoors or animal life. Climb to the top of a hill or mountain and enjoy the peace of nature or walk on a quiet path or the beach…If you are more social, try going to a health club and learning a new way to work out. You could also join a new group that does something you have been thinking of doing but not gotten the chance, or nerve to try. If you are shy but want to be in the presence of people, take a friend.

Whatever your plans this summer, try to find new ways to have fun and stay healthy. Remember at the end of the day, it is good to look back and reflect on what fun you had and also to feel good about yourself.