I want to talk about education in the Health and Fitness industry. As many of you know, there are many health options; the right diet, exercise programs and supplements to take. There is actually so much information out there that it can become too confusing. Different articles seem to contradict each other. There more you read and study health and fitness, the more conflicted you can get. 

So what is the right diet? Which exercise program should you follow? Which publication or fitness trainer? You won't like my answer as it depends on many factors such as age, lifestyle, fitness and health goals.

Let's start with diets. I wrote an ebook on diets called, Dieting Lessons, which can be found on Amazon. In it I cover different types of diets and identify goals people use to base finding a diet program. First of all, "diet" is a bad word that brings up hunger, pain and denial. I have tried almost every "diet" out there over the years and I have found that I do much better with an "eating lifestyle" instead of a diet. I focus on what I can eat and have educated myself on why I eat certain foods. I believe vegetables and fruits can bring life to the body and I also believe that processed, fast foods can cause disease in the body. I have learned that it is much better to focus on good foods and why they are beneficial to my health and even mental clarity and energy levels.

So, one aspect of finding the right eating plan is to eliminate "diets" that are too restrictive or take too much prep time. For some, time is a key factor in what they eat. For others, they have so much time they can make their own special foods daily. Finding foods that react well or badly with your body is also important. What I have found is that sugars and processed foods make me feel sluggish and brain dead, so I avoid them. Deep down, you know certain foods may taste good for a moment but are detrimental down the road. Examine that and make a healthy change!

Fitness is also a vastly covered topic. Most people I know throw up their hands. They decide to do no exercise or their same old routine, as learning new exercises can be painful as well as confusing. Let's face it, if we try something new and we feel too sore or tired the next day, how much do you want to bet that it won't be a new exercise that we desire to go to again?

So what do we do? How can we get educated about fitness? First of all, I think you have to realize that your same old routine might need an upgrade. You have to be open to try new exercises or take on a new spot. One way to get a new insight on working out is to go to a gym and ask for a personal trainer or fitness evaluation. Most gyms would be happy to help you. What I am at the gym, I am constantly looking and asking why people do certain exercises certain ways. The guys near the free weights love this! I am constantly trying new classes to target different muscle groups.

As far as publications to read, there are way too many to list and you may know some that I haven't heard of! There are very conservative ways to educate yourself, like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic. Then there are much more radical sites. I get lots of alternative health newsletters from many sources to see what is out there.

When it comes down to education, you will seek out that which you truly desire to change or expand. If you see it, you can change it. Start thinking of how precious you body and health are to you. Health and vitality won't last forever so it is wise to maintain what you have. This is a healthy, easy way to start on the path to better health and fitness. So go seek and learn something new today and apply it to your health!