Golf for a Cause

Golfing for a Cause It is that time of year where the weather is great and many charities have organized golf tournaments to raise money for their good causes. I just came back from a week of back to back golfing events that did just that, raise money! Many events have used celebrities to not only bring more interest to their events but also to get big clients in with their foursomes to be able to spend some time on the golf course with their favorite celebrity.

The first stop on my “golf tour” was in Santa Rosa, California for the Schultz Celebrity Golf Classic hosted by John O’Hurley, where I got to play on the beautiful Mayacama Golf course (one of the top 100 courses in the country) with Richard Coombs who helped to start the event and also Bruce McGill a wonderful actor. There was also a dinner the night before at the Francis Ford Coppola vineyard which was fabulous. Since the event started, they have raised over 5 million dollars for children charities in Sonoma County. One of the highlights of the event for me was a passionate speech by a young man who was practically homeless and talked about how the Catholic Charities helped to turn his life around due to the money raised at the event.

I then flew to Greenville, Mississippi in the Delta (which is hard to get to) for Steve Azar’s golf event. It was 2 days of golfing in the lovely Mississippi weather with some great people. Steve had some terrific musicians who could also play golf so we were entertained for the whole weekend. Much needed money was raised to help local children’s charities there. Steve has his own foundation called St. Cecilia Foundation at It was my third year attending and I had a great time meeting new friends and seeing old ones. My golf game improved on the course as it was flat and not a lot of places to get in trouble!

I left super early Sunday morning to drive hours to the nearest airport to catch 2 planes to get up to Nebraska where my final event was for Larry the Cable Guy. It was the Git-R-Done Golf Classic and it was filled with laughs and some great people. I had never been to Nebraska before and found the town and the people to be lovely. I got to play with friends of mine from the American Century Golf event in Lake Tahoe, Jonathan and Cyndi Thomas. I played that event last year with 90 other celebrities and came in last place with even Charles Barkley beating my final score! (I had just started to golf after taking 35 years off to raise kids)