What is Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging is a term that covers a broad range of opinions and products. Anti-aging means to stop the aging process by stopping or slowing down oxidation or free radical damage, which can lead to premature aging. This term is a fairly new health category and seems to be a good sales term that is popping up everywhere. It is applied to so many treatments and products that the true meaning is getting lost and people are getting confused. Remember that the anti-aging goal is to minimize damage from free radicals that injure cells and damage DNA.

Here are some of the main treatments and product categories for anti-aging: supplements, lotions, serums, spa treatments, plastic surgery treatments and overall ways of living, to name a few. How can we keep up with all the different ways to stay young without wearing ourselves out? Sometimes we have to start slowly one step at a time.

Let’s examine what we put into our bodies: Supplements and food. Anti-aging supplements are also called antioxidants. Some of the best and most potent anti oxidant supplements in single form are: Resveratrol, CoQ10, Bee Pollen, Curcumin, Astaxanthin and Alpha Lipoic Acid, to name a few. These supplements can be taken individually or combined with other ingredients.

There are also foods that naturally help fight aging. All berries, dark chocolate, beans, and fish with omega 3’s, vegetables (and NO, ketchup is NOT a vegetable!), nuts, red wine, avocado, whole grains and garlic are all great anti oxidants.

There is also a new category emerging called “superfoods” which are nutrient dense foods. The list is varied depending on who you talk to but these are some that I like: goji berries, chia seeds and blue green algae.

So even though we covered one area of anti-aging here, we found quite a list of different ways to fight for our youth. If this is all new to you, it may be time to ask yourself if you should take anything for free radical damage control. If you want to start adding these foods daily to your diet, it certainly won’t hurt you and may even slow down the aging process. You can also look into supplementing your diet with some of the supplements listed above. There are many products to choose from and you may want to run the idea by your doctor like I have done. Fighting the clock can be easy or complicated depending on how much time and money you want to put into it. Sometimes it is as easy as slipping some chia seeds into your next beverage or cereal bowl.

Stay young my friend!