I am sure you have heard that word, vegan, more than ever recently. It seems that when I tell people I have turned vegan, they are either interested and want to know more or brush it off as just another fad. To clarify to some who may not know, vegan is purely plant based foods and vegetarian adds dairy and eggs.

New Years Eve Day 2016 I had been reading my newsletters. I love to get healthy newsletters, don’t you? There was a new one in my mailbox that I didn’t sign up for (hate that) but decided to read. She talked about cleansing and reseting your metabolism and I decided to try it. After all, I have written my own book on Amazon called Lean Clean.

 had just been married to Jeff for less than 2 months and I dump it on the guy that I am going to be on a cleanse. I envisioned having to make 2 different meals and instead he says “I’m in too”.

We started a 5 organ cleanse (colon, kidney, gall bladder, liver and skin) on New Years Eve that was supposed to last 26 days. At first, I thought we would never get there. Days seemed LONG. By the end of the cleanse, my former meat eating husband said,  “Let’s start again right away.” So we went from day 26 of the cleanse right to day 1 and started it all over again. We both noticed feeling better and trimming down so that when we finally got off the cleanse, we just kept eating clean and plant based.

It has been 16 months now. We still choose to eat only plant based even though it can get rough when traveling. We noticed that too much salt and additives really affect our bodies so we try to eat food the hasn’t been altered much. We both find that we need LESS food than we ever ate before and marvel at how little it takes to make us feel satisfied with each meal. I think having enough minerals in our diet from the vegetables helps us to eat less. 

I started to look around at new creative ways to cook and prepare food and came across an online class to teach me how to prepare vegan meals. I took 50 mini classes and learned a lot and plan to share some of the interesting facts with you over the next couple of weeks. Things like ,what vitamin D3 is really made from and how to find B12 (it is in dirt!) and why you need them.