Life is Unfair!

But it’s unfair!!! Have you even said these words to yourself or others? Life is unfair, unfortunately. I was recently laying on my bed thinking how unfair life can be when suddenly I heard, “When life is unfair, that means God is teaching you.” 


Teaching me what is the question. So, let’s say that something is unfair. DO I sit around all day feeling sorry for myself? Do I hide my head like a turtle pulling into it's shell? Well, maybe for 5 minutes. Then I think I have to ask the question, “What am I supposed to do now?” There are ways to handle unfair situations and one of them it to fight back and take back what is mine. My time, my health, my money…The other is to sit back and trust that things will work out and all good things rise to the top.


Dwelling on the unfairness of life can literally make you sick. That would be unfair in my opinion, so I choose to fight and trust at the same time!


When I fight for what I think is right then it clarifies what I want and believe. If I really want something then I will fight for it. When I have fought as much as I can, then it is time to sit back and wait and watch!


So next time you find yourself in an unfair situation, choose to look at it as a learning lesson and figure out what you need to learn from it. We are always learning and growing…