Self Promotion

Self Promotion! ...I am writing this article to vent a bit. I find that our country has become more and more self promoting… Everyone seems to be selling something and nothing seems to be free anymore. It is impossible to watch TV shows without more commercials than show… Our emails have become burdened with promotions; almost everywhere we turn, someone is selling something. News articles, doctors advice, “how to” sites ALL have ways to promote at the bottom of the article. Everyone wants to “SHARE”…We are inundated with too much information and it comes at a cost!

It seems that we slid into a self absorbed people… Looking back, I don't think we were this bad. It is all about “what can you do for me” or “look at me” or “look at me while you buy this product”! I have grown sick of it even though marketing and advertising has been the basis of my modeling business the last 38 years I have been working. It seems to be everywhere we look as do TV shows that highlight the worst of our human nature for all the world to see…people have become famous for what show they are on rather than for strong skills. Companies are hiring people to represent their products based on how many “FRIENDS’ they have verses how much talent they have. The reality shows are all about “look at me”.

I have started to feel guilty if I spend too much time on social media. It is hard based on what I did for work not to have pictures that say, “Look at me”. Social media can also burn up so much time out of my day. I know that I have better things to do; enjoy nature on a long walk, find people to engage with, write articles that really help people (with no strings attached)! I want to feel useful not self absorbed!

Even when I was in Italy, there were too many people with “selfie sticks” taking photos on front of everything. It ruined it for me and I didn't want to take my photo at all. I think I am in 4 pictures out of the hundreds that I took while in Italy and I definitely didn't buy a selfie stick even though hundreds were offered to me. I was more interested in the historical treasure I was visiting and wanted to read all about the history of it, than taking a photo in front of it.

I have sent out newsletters for year and years and now blogs. I just want to share what I have learned in all the years of working and meeting the most interesting people. So, if I am so big on helping others, why this article? I think that more and more people feel the same way and I want to encourage you to go out and make a difference to someone else and find ways to be less self absorbed. Ciao.