The 42nd TELLURIDE Film Festival

I attended my second year at the Telluride Film Festival this past weekend. What a wonderful time of year! The days were cooler and the scenery was beautiful. What amazes me most is that I spent so much time indoors watching movies only to come out of them, amazed at what I saw inside and then blown away by nature outside.

Telluride only shows movies that haven't been shown in the states yet unless it is a  very old movie. I am stirred as I watch these documentaries and movies... I prefer to watch the less popular ones knowing that I may never have another chance to see some of them. (I know I can see the blockbusters in the theatre soon) I love setting aside this Labor Day weekend to open my mind to new creativity and perspectives. I saw old restored films and documentaries on subjects that I hadn't really ever focused on before...

I find when I am in my "normal everyday life", I have a narrower perspective on what others are going through around the world. I choose to put around me things that make me happy and comfortable. Of course life throws trials at all of us, even me, but I can still slip back into a safe environment each night with people that I love and surroundings that are familiar. There is something to be said for that; peace and security. 

Coming to Telluride to explore new movies and documentaries opens my mind and presents to me new ideas or new sympathies... The movies at Telluride seem to have themes each year...this year's theme, in my opinion, was about making social statements and also the value of family.... TIME TO CHOOSE for example was about following scientists as they find new ways to develop and deploy clean, affordable energy. XCANUL was about family.

I ended up seeing 14 movies/documentaries over that 4 day weekend. Some of my most memorable were INGRID BERGMAN - IN HER OWN WORDS, SON OF SAUL (which was a disturbing movie about one prisoner, who was a Sonderkommando during the Holocaust. The movie was from his point of view)

I saw a silent movie, L'INHUMANE which had beautiful Art Deco scenes..and a crazy NEW silent movie called PICTURE by Paolo Cherchi Usai.

I also got to wait in line for 2 hours to see COCKSUCKER BLUES which showed behind the scenes of the Rolling Stones and their tour in 1972....crazy!

TYRUS was a cute documentary about Tyrus Wong who is 104 and was an artist, known for being the inspiration behind Disney's Bambi. SEMBENE was another documentary about the first African director Ousmane Sembene.

BEASTS OF NO NATION was a violent movie about a small boy who is forced to join the "military" but has a father/son type story. XCANUL is a movie based in a rural Guatemalan region and tells a story of a young girl who is about to be married.

HE NAMED ME MALALA may get to the theatre. It is based on a true story of a girl named Malala who is shot in the head by the Taliban and survives to become an ambassador for women everywhere to have the right to attend school.

Movies that I didn't see but look good that you should watch out for in the theaters are:
ROOM, BLACK MASS, SPOTLIGHT, SUFFRAGETTE, VIVA, TAXI, 45 YEARS and MARGUERITE.  There is a new STEVE JOBS movie also but I heard mixed reviews.

What a wonderful weekend to explore and embrace what others go through in their lives from victories, to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, to various trials that life throws at all of us.... Now you want to go to a movie, huh?