Quick Human Being Tip of the Day!

This is something that has really been on my mind lately; taking responsibility for our actions. I was driving today and thought, "What would make a good beauty tip?" The first thing that came to me is this character trait that works on the inner beauty; to own up to our own mistakes! 

Have you ever noticed someone who isn't particularly attractive on the outside only to marvel at how wonderful they are as a human being? They have good character traits. They are most likely honest, peaceful, straightforward, open, warm and happy people. Why? What makes some people more desirable to be with? It isn't beauty (on the outside) I can tell you that! I have met some absolutely drop dead (where did we get that stupid term?) gorgeous people on the outside who were not very nice people on the inside. Most of them were insecure believe it or not! This insecurity came out in many forms; jealousy, gossip, lying, slander and greed to name a few....YUCK!

So, my beauty tip of the day, for being a great human, is to take responsibility for your own actions. Own up, people! We all make mistakes. I find that when I confess my mistakes right away, it tends to diffuse other people's anger. How can you be as mad at someone when they own up to their mistakes?