How to Cheat and Eat!!!

One of my favorite things to do is eat food... Over the years, I have had to battle the desire to eat with my other, just as strong desire, to be thin! It took me years and years to come up with feeling full and satisfied while still being able to maintain my weight. I figured out a way that works for me after years or failure and not feeling good about myself. 

I tried starving when I was a young model in New York City as I didn't know any better. I remember being on the set working for VOGUE with a famous photographer, Irving Penn. Mr. Penn was a gentleman and also a very well know and respected photographer. He had worked for years with VOGUE and many other famous publications and models. I was young and just starting out but has the chance to work with Mr Penn on numerous occasions before this fateful day. On this particular day, I must have felt fat. Here I was on a job for VOGUE with Mr. Penn. I remember deciding that I wouldn't eat that day as I wanted to be thin and decided that this was the quickest way to do it. I had 3-4 hours of hair and make up done while the stylist ironed my clothes and laid out all of the jewelry. I got dressed and was ready to walk on set when Mr. Penn decided to "call" lunch. Everyone stopped what they were doing and hit the lunch table. I was dressed in my outfit to be shot and thought it would be a good idea to just stand through the lunch while choosing not to eat a thing and just wait for everyone to finish so we could shoot the clothes.

I am sure I had a smug look on my face as I sauntered to the set after everyone was done with lunch. I had worked with Mr Penn enough to know what he wanted. I remember that he tried numerous looks and positions and finally looked up from his camera and stated that, "I am finished with her. She has no life in her eyes." I was kicked off the set not because I was "fat" but because I had lost my inner sparkle due to a lack of food.

I learned a lot from that day. I learned that I had to eat to maintain that "life" in my eyes. I had to find the right foods that made me satisfied while still maintaining my health and also stay thin. I read every book I could get my hands on. I tried every diet around and actually wrote a book on that also called Dieting Lessons.

If you notice the cover of my eBook called Cheat Eat, you can see that it looks like chocolate chip cookie dough. Well, it is in a way with a twist. See, I love cookie dough but found a recipe that got rid of the wheat and lowered the sugar so that it was less fattening. I learned to substitute certain ingredients that I couldn't have with ingredients that were better for me.

I share ways to substitute while telling other stories from my modeling days in this book... You can find a link to Amazon on my web site...or here...

Have a wonderful day and go treat yourself with something healthy but good!