Fight a Cold...Naturally

I am going to bring up a subject that has much scrutiny and skepticism... fighting a cold naturally! ...and I reserve the right to add more or edit this advice later! I am just getting rid of my yearly cold and I thought I would post on this touchy subject. Up front I will tell you... TAKE IT Or LEAVE IT! ....

Besides the old wives tales, there are many people who differ on the best way to either fight a cold or shorten the length of a cold.

and I would LOVE a discussion and new remedies on this one!

When I first notice I may be "coming down with something", I start taking massive amounts of vitamin C. From what I have read, you cannot really overdose on vitamin C. When your body has had too much, you start to have diarrhea. I notice that if my body NEEDS vitamin C to fight off the start of a cold, I take a lot like 2000 to 7000mg through out the day. (I just looked on Web MD and their recommended dose is 75mg for women ...oh boy!) What I do notice though is that I don't feel so bad after a lot of vitamin C and if I do other things right, I can normally fight it off and not even get sick. I also take fresh garlic (crushed to release the allicin)  I have to make sure that I take it with food in my stomach though. I am so tough and so desperate that many times I peel the clove of garlic and then pop it in my mouth, chew it s bit and swallow it with water...and this normally takes place in the middle of the night. I feel that if I can give my body what it needs naturally while resting, then I may wake up without symptoms.

I have tried to race to the store to get Zycam to stop a cold before it really starts. I don't notice that much difference if I do take it or if i can't get to it in time. Other people like homeopathic remedies like Boirin ColdCalm. I don't find them as effective to relieve the cold but I know others who swear by it. AirBorne is another product and contains a lot of zinc. If I take too much of this, even though they recommend to take one, I feel sick to my stomach from the zinc.

Of course "rest" is a big one to help relieve a cold and most people don't want to hear it as they have too much to do. I have seen people push their bodies to continue working while what they really need is some rest. This includes stopping your daily workout for awhile so your body can use it's energy to fight off the germs.

Another great tip is chicken soup. I really notice that it helps me to feel better right away. There are great minerals in chicken soup especially the broth. Definitely stay away from anything containing SUGAR while sick. The sugar feeds those cold germs and makes you feel worse. I remember getting soda when I was young and my mom would try to help me. Remember ginger ale? YUCK. Now I would have the ginger naturally in a tea but no soda with sugar and no sugar free as the sweeter in that is bad also. There are also natural herbal teas that would be beneficial like echinacea and golden seal to name a few.

So, if you get sick this winter, try to keep your remedies natural and give your body a rest from the chemicals in foods, over the counter medicine and also a rest from too much activity. Avoid all of the advice that people can give you, maybe even me. Less is more in my opinion (unless it is vitamin C of course!)